Pensacola Bayshore Condominium

Pensacola Bayshore Condominium

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Florida Gulf Coast Condos

Gulf Coast real estate investing, especially condo investment for personal use or as an investment property, is booming. I'm Dawn Marino, and I want to help you take advantage of the real estate investment opportunity in vacation condos on the Florida Gulf Coast.

Vacation Condo Development and Investing

Gulf Coast vacation condo investing has been very popular because of their appreciation in value due to the area's rapid growth and the need for vacation rentals.

There are many Florida Gulf Coast condo developments in our area and several new ones in the works. As a "drive to" destination, the Florida Gulf Coast area has experienced an increase in visitors, in part due to the current vacationing trend of "an unwillingness to fly". More and more people want to vacation in a condo on or near the water and that demand has been driving the Gulf Coast’s real estate investing and condo development.

Condo Investment

The ever-increasing need for more vacation rentals is being filled by developing condos, which presents an appealing investment opportunity. Many investors have turned back to real estate as their main focus for investing, the Gulf Coast condo market is no exception. Condo investors receive their ROI through two streams. Rental income and appreciation in value. Low interests rates are also a factor adding to the attractiveness of condo investment in the Florida Gulf Coast real estate market. Many people share a common misconception that owning a condo at the beach is financially strenuous. I'm here to show you that investing in a Gulf Coast condo, you can make that dream a reality with little to no out of pocket expense.